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70MAI Intelligent Driving Assistant Midrive M04


Original Malaysia 1 Year Warranty

  • 1  x 70MAI Intelligent Driving Assistant (MIDRIVE M04)
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Product details of 70MAI Intelligent Driving Assistant Midrive M04

*This is a Display Demo set ,Black color (No Warranty)
*Kindly PM us to get a product photo to check the condition 

    • Xiao AI Voice assistance supports Mandarin Chinese only. Device UI supports Chinese menu only. Maps only supports China region.
    • Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company 70Mai is well known for its array of dashboard camera and other surveillance gadgets. The company has now announced ye another car accessory – the 70Mai Smart Driving Assistant MIJIA Customized Edition.
    • The 70Mai Smart Driving Assistant MIJIA Customized Edition features an MT8665 special car chip, specially designed for the driving environment. The interior of a car is usually extremely hot especially if it is parked out in the sun. The power consumption and stability are optimized to ensure that it is always on standby. The device can be connected to the 70Mai app and it enables functions such as remote navigation, WeChat access, car tracking, driving distance and other functions.
    • The 70Mai Smart Driving Assistant comes with a built-in customized version of Gaode map, voice command interface, road condition query, cruise broadcast, etc., travel in time to avoid congestion, plan the best route for you, travel more convenient and smooth.
    • In addition, the driving assistant lets you connect to the MIJIA Smart Home hub via voice prompt in order to either turn on or off the connected gadgets before you get home. You also get the leverage of controlling all 70Mai branded products in the car such as the dashboard camera and car stereo using voice command.
    • The Smart Assistant comes with Bluetooth connectivity and after pairing with your smartphones, voice calls can be made and received hands-free. There is also a Built-in XiaoAI assistant such that you can equally listen to songs with voice prompts. After the 70mai smart driving assistant connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, voice calls and answering calls can be realized. Built-in little love classmates, navigating and listening to songs are all a matter of words.
    • The 70Mai Smart Driving Assistant adopts the AHD video transmission interface and supports 720P high-definition reversing images. The 70Mai Reverse camera is sold separately. There is also a 70Mai Parking monitor which is turned on automatically when you park the car. In case of a collision, video footage is captured and real-time alarm blasts. The parking monitor is also sold separately. If there is a collision a 30 seconds video is posted online in order to preserve the footage even if the camera is damaged.



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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 cm

Midrive M04


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