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70MAI Tire Pressure Detector (MIDRIVE T01) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Solar power and dual USB charging mode, easy to use and use.
  • Adopts car sensor level sensor to support intelligent wake-up, smart connection, real-time monitoring, dual charge and other functions.
  • The receiver uses two-color negative display technology to support real-time pressure and temperature monitoring of 4 tires
  • Support 1 second to track fast air leakage, accurate to 0.1 bar
  • Support high temperature battery protection, at high temperature up to 60 degrees. C, the battery stops charging, also supports intelligent waking up, when the car starts, the receiver in the sleep sensor automatically wakes up, automatically pours out when it stops

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70mai is a focused and creative team. The team consists of top product engineer, architects and senior technical experts from Internet, communications, automotive industry. We have rich experience and tough combat effectiveness, at the same time, we are full of awe and curiosity. We keep trying various possibilities and challenging all limits.

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