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BAIDU XIAODU AI Speker Play (Red) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Massive audio resources Massive music resources, voice search singer name, song name, can play music
  • Encyclopedia inquiry Introduced more than 14 million entries in Baidu Encyclopedia, and has more than 400 special skills to fully satisfy the curiosity of users
  • Life tools Support weather query, math calculation, stock market inquiry, currency exchange rate calculation, memo, countdown, alarm clock and other practical functions
  • Leisure and entertainment Built-in fun corpus system, providing services such as chat, jokes, etc., enriching the lives of users
  • Children’s mode The children’s model joins the baby program on the basis of the original, establishes a children’s age-related academic system, and more than one million children’s audio programs are also strictly screened. Quality resources, a scientific age-appropriate schedule, and fun-filled parent-child interactive games create high-quality children’s services
  • Voice control appliances Can be used to control home appliances commonly used in home, such as lights, air conditioners, air purifiers, water heaters, curtains, etc

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