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BIOLITE Kettle Pot [ Cook, Pour And Store ] with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Cookware designed to meet the needs of an outdoor meal. A true grab-and-go system, the KettlePot pours like a kettle and cooks like a pot while doubling as a carrying case for the BioLite CampStove.
    • Stainless steel design
    • 1.5L Capacity

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  • Featherlite and Foodsafe
    Made with ultra-thin stainless steel. More durable than anodized aluminum and easier to clean without worry of scratching off material.

  • Multifunctional Design
    Make coffee to start your day and sautee up a meal for four after a long hike, the KettlePot has you covered

  • Instant Carry Case
    The CampStove nests inside the KettlePot, offering protection while saving space in your pack

KettlePot features

    1. BPA-Free High Temp Top
      See what you’re cooking and pour when ready
    2. Silicone Seal
      Keeps liquids secure so you can pour without spilling a drop
    3. Vertical Cook Touch Handles
      Facilitate easy handling and pouring
    4. Ultra-Thin Stainless Body
      Lightweight and safer than anodized aluminum cookware
    5. Heat Shield
      Concentrate flames and block wind



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