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DR.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush (Violet Gold) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • 0.01mm fine soft hair, care of the gums.
  • Colorful wire, deep cleaning wisdom-tooth.
  • Binchotan wire, cleaning gingival-, plaque.
  • Silvery ion wire, gently care for the gums.
  • Frequency of vibrating: 31000/min.
  • Three kinds of tooth cleaning mode: bright white mode, gingival protect-ion mode, massage mode.
  • Pause for 30 seconds to change the zone.
  • Brush for two minutes and turn off automatically.
  • IPX7 waterproof, it can also be used in humid environments.
  • After full charge, it can be used for two minutes in the morning and evening, and can last for about 20 days.
  • Lightweight design, easy and convenient to use.
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  • Highly efficient magnetic levitation motor for efficient removal of plaque, gap and plaque
  • High-density metal-free planting brush, will not scratch gums or damage surface
  • 3 cleaning modes for your choice
  • Great travel toothbrush, super light
  • Compact and integrated housing, IPX7 waterproof rating

Specific C D:

  • Brand: DR.BEI
  • Product: DR.BEI Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V 
  • Rated power: 2W 
  • Input parameters: 5V-1A 
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh 
  • Charging time: more than 4 hours of full charge 
  • Product net weight: 90g

Package list:
1 * Toothbrush
2 * Brushes
1 * Storage box
1 * Charg-ing bases

  • Purple gold packaging, take care of the gums
  • Sonic Electric Toothbrush DR.BEI
  • Black technology with bristles, Better gum care




DR.BEI was founded in 2016. It aims to provide high-quality, elegant and professional oral care products to the new generation of users. We' re managing to make cavity medical products affordable for every user and develop hardware service at the meantime to cover every user's family with professional oral-care products and service.


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