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DRETEC USB Fan with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Comfortable cool breeze that makes work easier
  • Blowers firmly, yet quiet design
  • Air volume can be adjusted in 2 steps
  • Since it can be moved 360 degrees up and down, delicate angle adjusrment is possible
  • USB type that can be used by connecting to a PC or mobile battery
  • You can switch the air volume and power supply with the switch on the back side


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Dretec bree fan usb

Dretec bree fan usb, bring a cool feeling to the hot summer. Switch set on the back of the fan, divided into two sections of wind, simple operation. It ‘s desk、 office or one of the indispensable partners in the studio Simply connect to usb port or any active power supply, apart from self-heating, it can be used for laptop computers or other electronic devices to help dissipate heat. How can you miss the long-term use of the phone

You can adjust the wind upwards and downs at will, no difficulty in setting up arbitrarily

Product details:

  • Quiet voice
  • Two sections of wind, strong wind power
  • Light light, not easy to break
  • Usb electricity supply, ease of use
  • Concise design

Product specifications:

  • Automatic ecstasy function: None
  • Up and down 360° (Manual)
  • Size: 148×155 x 85mm
  • Power wire length: Approximately 110cm (Usb)
  • Weight: Approximately 200g
  • Wind volume series: 2 phases



  • “DRETEC Co., Ltd’’ ( Dream Technology Company ) was established in 1997. The year 2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of the company’s incorporation.

  • Since launching its first website in 1997, DRETEC has grown rapidly into a leader of Small Electrical and Household items in the Japanese market. We also lead in the market of Home Measurement instruments. In total, we lead in more than 400 items.

  • Annual sales of 4,030 million Yen (actual results for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2017 ) with expected growth in global sales in the future.

  • From 2017 DRETEC will reach out to enrich customers’ lifestyles outside the Japanese market in close collaboration with Watson Plastics Industries Pte Ltd. This would be achieved by empowering Watson to implement its mission statement and business goals in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and consequently the multi-language communities around these regions.


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