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HUAWEI Super Fast Wireless Charger Stand CP62 Max 40W (Black) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Special glass charging panel, exquisite and elegant. Aluminum alloy frame, strong and durable
  • Ergonomic design, 60 degrees vertical inclined angles make it easy to play on your phone
  • Built-in dual coils, a wide range of induction, and you can place your phone on the charger vertically and horizontally
  • Silicone mat at the bottom of the charger prevents slipping, safe and reliable
  • Quick charge LED lamp
  • FOD function, the LED indicator light will flash quickly to indicate that a foreign object is interfering with charging when there is a key, coin or other metal object
  • Built-in high-performance centrifugal fan can effectively cool your charger and phone
  • Smart cooling fan, the rotation speed can be adjusted automatically per day, and the charger can automatically switch to ultra silent mode at night
  • Multiple Warranty R Rotect Y Our Devices F ROM B Eing D Amaged W Chicken C Mount , Including Overcharge Protection , Over – Current Protection, Over – Voltage Protection , Voltage Protection and High Temperature Protection

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