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HUAWEI Hilink 720 Full-Effect Air Purifier (C400) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


1. High-quality activated carbon can absorb a variety of gaseous pollutants, smoke and odor in life
2. Multiple internal and external three-dimensional purification can effectively remove viral aerosols in the air
3. Equipped with high-energy negative ion generator to make life more fresh and comfortable
4. Intelligent autonomous switch, easy to use
5. Tower-type air path design, rapid indoor air circulation
6. Built-in 254 nm deep ultraviolet UVC can effectively kill a variety of bacteria in the air
7. H12 grade filter element, three layers of filtration, durable
8. Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, both shutdown and standby detection
9. Perspective LED display, intuitive feedback on indoor air quality
10. One-key adjustment, simple operation
11. Material: ABS

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