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KALAR Baby Straw Cup With Handles 210mL


  • *Kalar trainer cup is made from 100% food-grade plastic, which contains no BPA’s, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, nitrosamines and other nasty toxins that may leach into water.
  • *Anti-leak design, water can not get through the straw unless your baby sucks at it.
  • *Weighted straw allows your toddler to drink at any angle, flip-top lid covers straw while on the go.
  • * Two diffenert models for your to choose, one with easy-to-hold handles, which allows your toddler to hold the cup at any angle, the other with easy-to-go adjustable strap so kids can take it anywhere.
  • *Premium crystal transparent plastic bottle, which is made of tritan, an appointed matrial for toddles and kids in Europe and North America (most sippy cups in market just use polypropylene as its bottle material).
  • *Convenient measurement markings as well as cute animal image on bottle. Capacity: cup with handles-210ml/cup with strap-300ml
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1. Sit down, lay down on a drink, crouch, Lying drink

2. the cup body is made of tritan material, does not contain BPA, environmental protection and anti-fall, the cup lid uses food grade polypropylene material, quality, straw accepts food material,
3. Prevents water leakage only when the child bites. Water is slow and will not reach the baby.
4. Water absorption without resistance, the child without labor.

5. Strap 120 g, 300 ml, pen style 115 g, 210 ml



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