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KEYSMART Accessories Pack (EP-14,QD,BO)


  • EXPANSION PACK 2-14 KEYS – Allows you to add more keys into your KeySmart (holds up to 14 keys).
  • QUICK CONNECT – Allows you to quickly attach & disconnect your car remote, fobs, and other everyday carry accessories for better organization.
  • BOTTLE OPENER – Always be ready with this small yet useful stainless steel bottle opener.
  • COMPLETE ADD-ONS – Customize and maximize the power of your KeySmart. With these accessories, you will surely love your KeySmart even more!
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keysmart compact key holder organizer evolving your everyday carry organizers retractable keychain

KeySmart Accessory Pack | Maximize Your Key Organizer

Already have a KeySmart key holder to simplify your pockets?

Great! Now it’s time to maximize your KeySmart system with the most popular accessories!

keysmart expansion pack for 14-keys quick connect fob remote stainless bottle opener convenient

Extension Screws

  • Expand your KeySmart to hold more keys and accessories with a pair of extra long, 14mm Expansion Pack Screws

Quick Disconnect

  • No more struggling to unravel annoying key rings – quickly detach and reconnect your car FOB with this mini S-Biner

Bottle Opener

  • Rotate a Bottle Opener from your KeySmart when you need it most – then fold it back inside out of sight

KeySmart | Award Winning Key Organizer

compact pocket key keeper organizer blue car remote fob door lock doorknob key chain gadget manager


In 2012, an engineer named Michael was fed up with his bulky keys. They would jingle every time he moved. They looked messy and disorganized. One day, he sat down in a meeting and yelled out in pain when his keys jabbed him in his back pocket (ouch!)

He knew he needed to create a solution…and fast

After many long nights and several iterations, the KeySmart was born. KeySmart launched on Kickstarter in 2013 where it raised over 13,000 USD the first night and went on to raise 330,000 USD during the campaign, making it one of the most popular products ever launched!

We’ve been eliminating bulky keyrings and freeing up pockets ever since 🙂

Featured on GQ, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, CNET, TechCrunch, and more, KeySmart continues to design innovative products that pack more functionality into less space. It is our mission to make your life easier by constantly inventing and innovating evolutionary everyday products that are simple, compact, and convenient.




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