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KRIBEE Multi-functional Fast Steamer 5S with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Multifunctional electric autoclave
  • Strong capacity, shorten ripening time
  • 2 Steaming modes, fast and safe
  • Compact, luxurious design
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The Xiaomi Kribee 5S steamer provides quick preparation of your favorite dishes without losing their taste, aroma and useful properties. The maximum power reaches 2000 W. Large capacity (1.5 l), the ability to prepare a variety of products, convenient and safe use make the device an excellent assistant in the kitchen.

Steamer Xiaomi Kribee 5S

High heating power

The heating rate is increased by 60%, therefore, a high operating power of 2000 W. Your favorite dishes will be prepared quickly without loss of taste, aroma and useful properties.

2 independent cooking technologies

The steamer supports 2 cooking technologies: steam at 1200 W and cooking at 800 W. The food is cooked evenly from all sides.

Steamer Xiaomi Kribee 5S

Rapid heating

The appliance heats up quickly to 120 ° C and steamed food without excess oil and water. Nutrients are retained and the resulting food meets healthy dietary standards. The steamer can be used to cook a variety of foods: seafood, pancakes, fried steak, scrambled eggs and more.

Steamer Xiaomi Kribee 5S

Large capacity

The capacity of Xiaomi Kribee 5S is 1.5 liters, it can easily fit a dish for the whole family: soup, noodles, compote and so on. The transparent lid allows you to control the cooking process.

Safe use

The device supports timer cooking. It will automatically shut off when there is no water in the tank. Spontaneous combustion is prevented.

Hidden water tank

In the body of the device there is a hidden water tank with a capacity of 750 ml. It provides continuous steam for a full hour. When there is little water in the tank, the steamer gives a special signal and turns off automatically.

Stylish design

The steamer has a stylish design. It will fit into any interior, become its decoration and will not take up much space. Includes 1 control box, thick cover (4mm) and anti-scald handle.

Steamer Xiaomi Kribee 5S


  • Brand : Kribee
  • Model : 5S
  • Rated Power : 2000W
  • Weight : 3.8KG
  • Capacity : 3L
  • Size : 262 x 260 x 232mm





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