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LOFANS Glass Smart Cleaning Machine (White) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


Wireless hand-held design without a cord, it is convenient to use it to clean any place in your home.
-Multiple use, for cleaning the bathroom mirror, marble surface of tiles, car glass
-Exclusive High-performance engine, maximum suction power of 1500 PA, stable water absorption, quick cleaning without pressure.
– Nozzle width 270 mm, elastic silicone head for cleaning allows you to clean a wide area and not easy to damage the glass surface.
– Stable triangular design on the body, stably cleaning glass during use.
– Detachable vacuum cleaner head, easy to clean and save storage space.
– Water spray, water absorption, purification, 3 in 1 cleaning steps, high cleaning efficiency
-25 min long service life, built-in lithium-polymer battery with low consumption and high power.
-0.58 kg, one control button, press the button for 3 seconds to turn on the lamp.
– Fixed tank for water 120 ml

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How to use the glass cleaner correctly?
1. Add the cleaning solution to the watering can, tighten the right-handed scraper, press the watering can button, and spray a sufficient amount of cleaning liquid evenly on the surface of the object to be cleaned. Use a rag on the watering can to massage evenly and dilute the dirt. (Scratches may occur if the surface of the object to be cleaned is not sufficiently wet)
2. Press and hold the power switch of the glass cleaner main unit for 2 seconds, the indicator light will be on and enter the working mode. (The battery’s power will gradually decrease until the indicator light flashes, and it needs to be charged in time).
3. The glass cleaner main unit works on the surface of the cleaning object from top to bottom to absorb sewage. The scraper is in close contact with the surface of the object to be cleaned to achieve the best effect of cleaning the sewage. If there is residual water on the top, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
4. When the sewage in the sewage tank reaches the MAX line, close the switch, gently open the end of the sewage tank cover with a long handle, pour off the sewage, and then close the lid. If there is a cover that has fallen, please return to the original position.




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