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MIJIA Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop G1 (White) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


* 2200 PA large suction power, deep into the gap and effective cleaning.
* 4 kinds of suction to meet different cleaning needs. Elive
* Electronically controlled water tank, 3 water outlet modes, floor care.
* Hanging suction mouth, mop and thick main brush can deal with all kinds of ground easily.
* 3-layer filtration system effectively filters the sun’s rays of dust.
* 82mm Ultra-thin body,
* Intelligent navigation and precise positioning. Create a map of the whole house in real time.
* MIJIA APP connection, remote control.
* 2500mAh large capacity battery, long battery life.

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Vacuum cleaner XIAOMI Robot G1 (sweep and mop)

2200 PA Super suction clean every corner

The key to sweeping is flashing suction. (ELIVE) Japanese NDEC engine provides 2200pa large suction power, which can quickly absorb dust on the ground, and the gap can be cleaned cleanly

4 suction power switch

Meet different cleaning needs

Electronically controlled water tank

3 water outlet control units

Hanging suction mouth, mop super dense main brush suitable for a variety of difficult cleaning conditions

3-layer filtration system effectively filters 3 microns of dust

The whole machine adopts triple fine filtration system, which can filter 3 micron level dust and dirt to avoid secondary pollution

82mm slim body flexible home shuttle

The fuselage is only 82mm thick and the bottom of the bed, sofa, table and chairs not to mention

Intelligent route planning

Intelligent navigation and precise positioning. Build a map of the whole house in real time, plan a clean path and do not achieve sweeping, sweeping and sweeping, and the corners of the room can be cleaned

Operation with MIJIA remote control

You can clean easily when you are not at home just open the Mijia APP and start remotely with one touch of the mode switch button, view the cleaning status in real time, and fully control anytime, anywhere




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