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NONDA ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor | Boost Driving Safety | Slow Leak Detection [ Aihome ]


Original Malaysia 1 Month Warranty

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Product Detail of NONDA ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor | Boost Driving Safety | Slow Leak Detection [ Aihome ]

Boost Driving Safety

Monitor tire pressure in real-time to prevent dangerous blowouts.

Slow Leak Detection

AccuTemp Algorithm detects slow leaks before it’s too late.

Real-Time Data

The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor collects and analyzes tire pressure data in  real-time and presents it within the ZUS App.

Next-Gen Sensor

World-class engineering delivers superior reliability. Get precise tire pressure and temperature measurements.

10 Mins Self-Install

Only 3 steps, so simple that you can use on a rental car too.

Save on Fuel

Save up to RM1000 over 5 years on fuel cost with proper tire inflation.

Theft Prevention

Anti-theft locking system included free of charge.

Award-Winning App

Easy to use with frequent free upgrades over-the-air.

Sensor Specifications

Size: 0.7 × 0.8 in / 21 × 18mm

Pressure Reading Range: 0 – 130 psi / 0 – 9 bar

Temp Reading Range: -20°C ~ 120°C / -4°F ~ 248°F

Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C / -40°F ~ 257°F

Water Resistance: IP67

Anti-theft: Anti-theft Nut & Wrench

Battery: Replaceable lithium battery CR1632

ZUS® Smart Tire Safety Monitor

ZUS® Smart Tire Safety Monitor

First ever Slow leak Detection with Real Time Alerts.

Self-Install in 10 Minutes

Self-Install in 10 Minutes

Save on Fuel

Save on Fuel

Save up to 11 cents per gallon with properly inflated tires.

Reversible USB Charging Port

Reversible USB Charging Port

Connect the receiver to a USB car charger and then charge up your mobile devices through the receiver’s reversible USB charging port. This way, you never lose a charging port.

Next Generation German Sensor

Next Generation German Sensor

1. Long Lasting Battery
2. Integrated PCBA with Pressure & Temp Sensors
3. Metal Base with Antenna

Battery Alert & Auto Activation

Powered by the

ZUS®Smart Driving Assistant App

Boost Driving Safety

Boost Driving Safety

Real-time alerts warn you of tire pressure issues to prevent dangerous blowouts.

Slow Leak Detection

Slow Leak Detection

First ever slow leak detection powered by our proprietary AccurateTemp® Algorithm.

Track Individual Tire History

Track Individual Tire History

View individual tire pressures (as PSI/kPa/Bar) and temperatures (°F/°C) directly on your smartphone

Package Includes

ZUS® Smart Tire Safety Monitor *1

Screw-on Valve Cap Sensor * 4

Anti-theft Nut * 4

Wrench * 1




Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm



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