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REOLINK Solar Panel Support (Argus 2/Pro,Argus Eco,Go) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


– NON-STOP POWER SUPPLY: Connects Reolink Solar Panel to Reolink solar-powered security camera Argus 2 to get non-stop power from the sun. With just a few hours of sunlight, your Reolink Argus 2 will stay powered day and night.

– WEATHER-RESISTANT: Weatherproof design to withstand rough weather conditions; more durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

– EASY INSTALLATION: Adjustable mounting bracket allows you to easily position the solar panel and ensure maximal sun light exposure.

– COMPATIBLE WITH REOLINK ARGUS 2: Designed for Reolink Argus 2 rechargeable battery camera and provides continuous charging for Reolink rechargeable battery/solar-powered cameras.

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Easy Installation

IP65 Waterproof

Solar Energy

Reolink Solar Panel

Connect your Reolink Argus 2/Argus Pro/Argus Eco/Reolink Go to this solar panel and it will get non-stop power. The 360° wall mount allows you to easily position the weather-resistant solar panel and ensure that it’s perfectly positioned to maximize sunlight exposure. Huge savings.

ONLY Designed for: Reolink Argus 2, Reolink Argus Pro, Reolink Argus Eco, Reolink Go

What’s included: solar panel x1, other installation accessories

Product Dimensions: 132 x 197 x 13 mm ;

Boxed-product Weight: 280 g

*NOT Compatible with Arlo items

Argus Pro solar argus 2 solar reolink go solar

Q&As for Solar Panel

What may affect the efficiency of Reolink Solar Panel?

Your Reolink Solar panel may not be able to keep your camera fully charged on days that are snowy, cloudy, gloomy, or rainy or during periods of extensive use (frequent access or constant triggers).

External factors, such as shade, temperature, weather, and amount of dust or debris on its surface, may also affect the effective of Reolink Solar Panel in generating electricity.

How to optimize the efficiency of Reolink Solar Panel?

The amount of energy produced by the Reolink Solar Panel depends on several factors: average sun exposure, weather conditions, tilt angle, and dust or debris.

To optimize the effectiveness of your Reolink Solar panel, you may:

* Mount your Reolink solar panel in well-lit places and avoid locations like the shadow of trees, buildings, or other obstacles to ensure sufficient sunlight.

* Adjust the direction of your Reolink solar panel to face the true south (in the northern hemisphere) or the true north (in the southern hemisphere) and tilt it to the appropriate angle according to your latitude to ensure maximum sun exposure.

* Wipe the surface of the Reolink solar panel with wet tissue or cloth regularly to remove the dust and deris on the panel’s surface.

Reolink Solar Panel working in low temperature

The lowest operating temperature for Reolink Argus 2 is 14°F (-10°C). Low temperature will significantly slow down the chemical reaction of the camera’s batteries and will therefore make the cameras to indicate low battery level.

For the safety of your camera and the solor panel, please charge the batteries in temperature between 0°C and 45°C (32-113°F) and do not use the camera if the temperature drops below 14°F (-10°C).



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