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ROIDMI F8E Cordless Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (Gray) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Anti-winding Hair Design
    Innovative combing structure, it can separate all kinds of hair from the brush roll into the dust cup during cleaning, there is no hair winding around the brush roll.
  • 1700Pa Power Suction
    When the gear is increased, a cyclone-like suction force is generated, and the air volume can reach 950 L/min, and removed the dust particles attached to the ground efficiently.
  • Multiple Filters
    Multiple purification system, effectively adsorbing 0.3 micron fine particles, the purification rate reaches 99%, and the clean air is discharged to avoid secondary pollution.
  • Mite Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner
    Built-in independent motor drive, high-speed winding cotton fabric surface or inside mites, hair, dander and so on.
  • Multi-angle Rotation
    Multi-angle flexible rotating brush can penetrate into the sofa, bed bottom and other small space.

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Key Features:

* Multiple dragon channel channel system, 17000pa Wind pressure.
* Charge for 2.5 hours and work for 40 minutes.
* Electric anti-mite brush, rolls back mites, Bacteria, hair on the surface of the cotton fabric High speed.
* Remove traces, allergens such as fungi, Bacteria in the car.
* Built-in 2200mAh Li-ion battery.
* 1.46kg lightweight host, portable, easy to hold Body shaper
* Magnetic absorbing bracket, aligns Receiving and charging function.

Beautiful and lightweight, high performance

Focus on Deep Cleaning small spaces.

Large handle design with comfortable grip Simple design Make homework more efficient

1.3kg lightweight

With speeds up to 800,000 rpm and 300W, the effective suction power reaches 80W, providing a durable and strong driving force for the vacuum cleaner.

Tornado multi-level wind tunnel system The multi-stage cyclonic dust suction structure combined with a high-power brushless DC motor is a guarantee of reciprocating suction. In the reinforced gear, the high-speed rotation of the motor reaches 1100 liters per minute, producing a centrifugal air pressure of up to 18500 Pa, effectively removing dust particles that adhere to the ground. Optimized design with multiple noise reduction, low noise as low as 75dB (A), quiet and comfortable.

Do not wrap hair, easy to clean falling hair The flat surface of the drum brush makes hair invisible. With the inertia of the huge air currents, the hair is too late to twist in the suction cup, and the innovative comb design can effectively reduce hair curl during fast rotation.

Intelligent Power Control System

High-end power supply, safe and durable performance. Intelligent battery management system, outstanding endurance, standard mode, duration of about 40 minutes, sweeping area of ​​about 350 square meters, improved holding position can provide 10 minutes of super suction to handle the difficult task.

A four-layer filtration system filters out dust particles, avoiding clogging and holding suction.

To achieve the best filtration performance, a four-weight cleaning system is designed, effectively filtering dust particles to avoid clogging, to maintain long-term suction. From the initial effect of hair stirring, debris to effectively filtering dust, allergens, such as four heavy cleaning, a layer of protection. Effective absorption of small particles up to 0.3 microns, cleaning rate 99%, clean air, in order to avoid two pollution, for you to create a clean and healthy home environment.

Modular design, one button disassembly to meet more cleaning requirements.

Soft flannel roller brush for wood floor maintenance Soft and hard two kinds of imported nylon fibers, wrapped in a soft cashmere roller, it is designed for wood floors and floor tiles, as well as soft fibers, polished and cleaned wood floors.

The Polygonal Flexible Rotary Floor Brush can penetrate tight spaces such as sofa and bed bottom without leaving sanitary corners.

Innovative magnetic suction arm design To facilitate the absorption of vacuum cleaners, the design of the magnetic suction arm, wall suction and transparent wall decals are used to tackle complex walls and environments.





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