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VH “MAN” Table USB Portable Humidifier



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Product Info

Xiaomi VH USB Air Mini Humidifier 420ML 10 Hours Quiet Air Purifying Touch control Protable for Office Home Car Humidifier

*1 Month Warranty For This Discount Item*

Product Name: WH Man Desktop USB Humidifier

Product model: H01

Working voltage: DC=5V

Rated power: 2W

Water tank capacity: 420mL

Product net weight: 237g

Product size: 100.6×H126.7mm

Spray amount: 30-35mL/h

Continuous spray mode time: about 10 hours

Intermittent spray mode time: about 24 hours

Product material: ABS, PP, silicone, stainless steel


it is Not suitable for essential oils,Please use tap water or mineral water,Prohibit the use of purified or distilled water!

It is recommended to clean the water tank regularly and replace the cotton swab!

2 spray patterns: Continuous spray (about 10 hours)and intermittent spray (about 24 hours)


Large capacity water tank moisturizing from morning till night

Add water, can continue to moisturize for 10 hours, eliminating the need to repeatedly add water troubles

Not to get up in the middle of the night to add water, to bring convenience to your life and work.

420mL large capacity

Continuous spray mode for 10 hours

Intermittent spray mode for 24 hours


Fine mist moisturizes the skin

Nano-level atomization, atomizing water into micron water molecules, turning into fine silk

The fog easily penetrates the skin and reaches the bottom layer, making the skin infiltrate and shine.

Countless masks


800-mesh atomizer spray is high and many

Using an atomized sheet upgraded to 800 mesh, the amount of mist sprayed is high and high.

To ensure adequate moisturizing effect, the water mist will not return to wet the table.


Touch switch as you like

Long touch switch for more than 2 seconds; touch switch for shift; any gear

Long-touch switch for more than 2


Smart anti-dry burning is safe and worry-free

Use the probe to achieve physical anti-dry burning, the water level is lower than the probe position, automatically

Cut off the power supply to prevent hidden dangers and ensure safety.seconds, it’s that simple


2 spray modes are optional

Power on default continuous spray mode, moisturizing for 10 hours; touch switch

For intermittent spray mode, spray for 3 seconds, stop for 3 seconds, moisturize for 24 hours, meet

Your multiple moisturizing needs.


Silent, moisturizing, no radiation, healthier

Humidifier that does not affect the baby’s sleep, zero radiation, safe and reliable, mother

Infants can feel free to enjoy the moisture.


Soft light breathing lamp

Intimate water shortage tips

When the indicator light is blinking

Please add water or long touch switch for 2 seconds.

3 heavy protection drip does not leak

3 protection measures

Dumping, leaking, and rest assured to use

1 step quick screw cap and water

No need to shut down the screw cap and add water

It’s that easy

Intimate design and cleaning is more convenient

Large diameter unstructured water tank design

Easy to clean


1Rotate the top cover counterclockwise

2 Add tap water not to exceed (MAX) water level line

3 Rotate the cotton swab tube counterclockwise

4 fully wet the cotton swab into the cotton swab tube and tighten clockwise

5 Align the snap and the card slot to tighten the cover clockwise

6 turn on the usb power supply and gently touch the metal ball 2s to boot

Indicator light: After the power is turned on, the light will be on for 10 seconds, then turn off and enter standby mode.

State; in the spray state, the light is always on; in the absence of water, the light flashes.

Tips: Please use mineral water or tap water to humidify, do not add pure water or steam

Distilled water to avoid causing a small amount of fog or accumulation of water and fog!




Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm

Blue, Green, Red

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