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VIOMI Intelligent Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser (White) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


Viomi My-2 fast heating water heater 2050 W / 2. Quick Heating Water Heater -1 second water heating It only takes a second to heat the water quickly, making drinking water easier. -Thermal film heating technology Viomi instant water heaters use a thick film or thermal energy technology that can be heated when passing through water to prevent water storage. It is more efficient than quartz heated quartz tubes. – Quantitative water 250 ml Special equipment for water, 250 ml, you can take water according to your personal needs. -2 increased capacity Small size, large capacity, good conservation of the site -Select the water temperature from the click, easy to use There are eight touch panel buttons. The water temperature can be controlled by a button, which is quick and easy to use. -Protect children and use them safely Hold down for two seconds to unlock the child lock, which starts automatically 30 seconds after using water. It is very safe to use. Child locks can be configured according to their needs. Specification: Marca viomi (Millet cooperative brand) Model Km-2 ABS material Color Blanco Peso 2.3KG Size 123x265x267mm Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz, The capacidad of 2. Adecuado for Agua pura Poder 2050 W

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Viomi's mission is to redefine the future home via the concept of IoT @ Home. The Company has developed a unique IoT @ Home platform consisting an ecosystem of innovative IoT-enabled smart home products, together with a suite of complementary consumable products and value-added businesses.

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Weight 2 kg

1A 4.0L, 2.0L


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