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Viomi Robot Vacuum 1X


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VIOMI 1X Appearance
VIOMI 1X Robot Vacuum Cleaner continues the classic modeling design of the sweeper, adding a brand new gilded design, which can be well matched with any home style. The main engine is polished by high precision mould, which is resistant to dirty and easy to clean at the same time.

VIOMI 1X Features
The VIOMI sweeper uses LDS laser navigation system. Through multi-stage calibration target location and piecewise fitting algorithm, the ranging range can reach 8 meters, the scanning rate is as high as 6×360 degree/s, the sampling rate is 2016 times/s, and the accuracy deviation is less than 2%.

VIOMI 1X Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses NIDEC brushless motor imported from Japan, at the same time adjust the air duct design, strong mute at the same time produce the powerful suction of 1800Pa. And equipped with 13 sets of sensor systems to sense and avoid obstacles, with the super ability of 1.5cm to overcome obstacles.

There are four kinds of sweeping modes of VIOMI 1X Robot Vacuum Cleaner global cleaning, sweeping along the edge, cleaning at a fixed point, all of which can be operated on the APP.

Random standard 600ml transparent dust collection box and two dry and wet towels, one side of the dust collection box is removable washable HEPA filter, easy to clean.

In terms of battery life, the VIOMI 1X Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in 3200mAh battery, which brings a long endurance of 110 minutes and can sweep 180 square meters rooms at once.




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