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Virus Shut Out Landyard 1pcs (30 days)

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● This product, please use so as not to directly touch the skin or underwear. Please be used in the most outside in the case of clothing.
● body, the chlorine dioxide generating agent, please do not disassemble or opened.
● people of infants and dementia, places exposed to there is no place or in direct sunlight that pet touches, please save to avoid the hot and humid place.
● You may feel the odor properties of this product. Please do not use if you feel the accident of the body.
● If you have a chlorine allergy, please refrain from using it.
Please note that in the case of clothing color patterned so have some of the bleaching action ●.
● Because this product is that there is a possibility of corrosion of the metal, please do not place near, such as precious metals and precision machinery.
● Please pay attention to the burns.
Please pay attention to the neck strap is not entangled in the neck ●.
● Please do not use at bedtime.
● The use situation is different from the effect of the component. Can not be exhibited sufficiently effective in the outdoors or air flow is strong location of the wind.
Should ●, if the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water.
● close to the fire, rain and sweat, water wet, etc., please do not use in a watery place.

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