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AFU Aroma Diffuser with LED Light with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty



♦ Quiet operation, automatic adjustment depending on sleep mode * After turning on the aroma counter, it does not need to be operated manually. It automatically runs for 10 minutes in accordance with the rules of sleep and stops for 10 minutes. After 6 cycles, the power will be automatically turned off. At the same time, the built-in ultra-quiet fan ensures that your sleep will not be disturbed during efficient operation.

♦ Diffusion aroma is cleaner and does not pollute the environment * Afu Essential Oil for Sleeping Aroma uses a diffuse aroma method to avoid problems with changing water and light pollution. The internal s-shaped piping design uses the siphon effect of cotton swabs to make Small Essential Oil molecules faster and can span up to 25-30 square meters in an average of 6 minutes.

♦ Magnetic adsorption design is easier to install and install * Essential oil is magnetically attached from the bottom of the aroma counter, eliminating the need for changing water and cleaning the sink. The experience is more convenient and faster.

♦ Can work without connection, space is more flexible * Built-in lithium battery, without restrictions on the power cord, can be placed anywhere in the house. A simple, modern design complements a variety of home styles.

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