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DEERMA Electric Clothes And Hair Trimmer (White) with 6 Month Malaysia Warranty


– hair collecting canister:
It can not only maximize the use of space, but also achieve simple operation and effectively remove all kinds of foreign objects such as hair and dust.
– Clothing protective net:
It can effectively isolate the Sharp Edge of the Sharp knife and prevent the clothing from being cut by mistake.
– Internal circulation hair gathering system:
When using, the hair ball can be transported directly to the storage tank by strong airflow, convenient for daily cleaning.
– Durable materials:
Adopts ABS, stainless steel and PC material, stable and durable to use.
– Detachable tri-blade head design:
The blade head can be removed for cleaning easily.
– Easy operation:
With comfortable and simple button design, you can operate the lint remover conveniently.

Sold out!

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The main unit contains the cutter head *1,knife net *1,1 roll of sticky paper,and a roll
*Sticky Hair Trimmer
*Instantly remove the hair ball
*Do not hurt clothing
*Charging plug-in dual purpose
7000r/min Power Motor
Remove only the surface hairballs Not to damage the fibrous tissue


User-friendly Grip Handle
Following the ergonomic principle,
the grip handle not only has no burden on the wrist,
but also separates the handle from the motor,
experiencing lightness and no fatigue.
Internal circulation system
Strongly absorbs the hair ball,
while the internal airflow is self-circulating,easy to clean.
Rechargeable use Can also be plugged in
Use high-quality concentrated lithium battery as power source 2H full, running for 45min;
can also be used for power supply, while charging
The body is made of ABS material, which is skin-friendly and frosted.
It is tough and wear-resistant; the stainless steel blade is finely polished and carefully selected from the inside to the outside.
*Push switch
Safe to prevent accidental touch
*Charging Indicator
Charging red,charging completed green
*Loose induction contact
Can only be turned on when tightly fastened
*Removable cutter head
Change regularly,keep sharp



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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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