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Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T300



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Product Info

High performance magnetic suspension acoustic motor
More than 31,000 pulsations per minute of vibration, power output torque up to 230gf. cm *, more efficient delivery to the brush, tooth gap, cleaning plate
Brush head without high density rust
The free design of Metal makes the head of the brush not rust, respectful of the environment and healthy. It uses the high quality soft bristles selected by DuPont from the United States, a high density planting process to increase approximately 40% of the gross amount *. Each Sow is treated by sanding, to avoid the worn gums of the hair, to scratch the surface of the teeth.
Customize a variety of brushing patterns
Electric toothbrush sound wave meter through the switch key to change the standard mode, soft and personalized mode, the user can choose to brush the dental pattern to meet the basic daily cleaning needs.
Recognition of brushing posture and reporting

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With a smile blooming life of self-confidence

Brush These seemingly ordinary little things, but we have a great impact on life, good brushing habits not only make our lives healthier, but also fill us with confidence. How to make our teeth healthier, how to make our smile safe? Today, mijia sound wave electric toothbrush to give you a new answer.
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More than 31,000 pulsations per minute of vibration, power output torque up to 230gf. cm *, so that the power not only remains in the motor high-frequency vibration, more efficient transfer to the brush head, even in the teeth of the brush to brush the teeth, remains strong, Lead the mouth of water and foam of toothpaste to form a small pulse cleaning force, the impact of the dental difference, clean the plate, to achieve a manual cleaning effect.
--- 05
High density brushless planting brush
The free design of Metal makes the head of the brush not rust, respectful of the environment and healthy. The adoption of American Dupont bristles, the number of bristles increases by 40 percent, and the rounded bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface
--- 06
3 cleaning modes for your free choice
The standard cleaning mode meets your daily cleaning needs; the soft mode carefully protects your gums while cleaning the teeth; you can customize your own cleaning mode by application
--- 07
Control of applications with Bluetooth function
Connect the toothbrush to the application via Bluetooth, and you can customize your own brushing mode according to your daily habits and cleaning needs
--- 08
Application classification function with integrated sensors
The 6 integrated sensors detect your brushing gesture and monitor the 6 areas of brushing and the time spent. When you connect to the application, you can see the brushing score for each cleaning time, brushing, coverage rate, etc. you can share and review the reports at any time
--- 09
Large toothbrush for travel use-long waiting time
When fully charged, the toothbrush has enough battery life for 18 days of regular use. The application shows the left battery, so you can charge it on time
--- 10
2 ways of charging: charging base or USB cable
The toothbrush with universal USB port, can be connected to the back of the power supply or to the laptop to be charged.Meanwhile, the inductive charging base can automatically recognize My homemade toothbrush for high power charging
A charge can be held 18 days *
Mijia built-in electric wave toothbrush 700 mAh lithium battery, compared with nickel-metal hydride batteries, long service life and no memory effect, a charge can be held 18 days *, while the mobile phone application It can show the remaining energy, to prevent the toothbrush from suddenly having no electricity problems.
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By using Bluetooth to connect to the application, you can also view the data for each brushing, record the duration, coverage, uniformity, etc., and view and share each time, weekly and monthly reports for dental care.


Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Nominal power: 2 W
Waterproof classification: IPX7 (toothbrush and loading dock)
Charging time : More than 12 h
Battery : 700 mAh Li-ion battery



Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 4 cm

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