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Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner 1C



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Product Info

● Visual dynamic navigation system
Quick capture of coordinate information, extraction of complex spatial functions, preservation of dynamic research while traveling, more accurate and efficient display.
● Take + 4-core processor
More computational, able to find the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw a working path.
● 200 ml water tank
Precise water control, wet resistance cleaner.
● Powerful suction 2500 Pa
Equipped with brushless motor, adjust the air duct design, easily absorbs dust particles.
● Suspension suspension + powerful main brush
Large diameter suction openings. Pendants, close to the ground.
● High precision sensor
15 types of multidirectional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, it is easy to avoid obstacles.
● Remote control with Mijia app
The appointment of cleaning, not at home can also control.
● 20 mm obstacle crossing
Easily climbs the threshold, rails, carpet.
● Slim body 8.2 cm
Easy to go to the bottom of the bed, wardrobe and sofa.
● Auto charge
Automatically charges at less than 15% of battery power. When the battery is charged up to 80%, return to the power off position and continue sweeping.

*This item is Display Unit(6 Month Warranty)

Sweeping and Mop in Just 1 Step

Get to know your environment quickly

A high-speed visual navigation system helps the robot quickly capture coordinate information, capture complex spatial features and create a map faster and more accurately

Real-time display during cleaning

The 1C robot uses a professional OV vision sensor that simulates a neural network algorithm and a calculation path with 50 times / second, it can ensure that the robot supports real-time scanning during sweeping, identifies the environment, draws a map more accurately and efficiently.

3 sensors help to position

Visual navigation, dual gyroscope plus optical calibration helps to position it, so that its path can be more clear and precise

Think on your own, strain the situation

The 1C robot is equipped with a CortexTM-A7 quad-core data processing chip and a dual-core Mali 400 processor. Using VSLAM, computing power is stronger and the exact position of the robot can be quickly located in real time and a cleaning path can be drawn.

Smart electric water tank

The robot is equipped with an intelligent electronic water tank with a volume of 200 ml, which automatically controls the volume of water throughout the process, protects the floor and evenly removes water without leakage.

2500 PA suction wipe off any dirt

It uses Japan’s powerful NIDEC brushless motor, continuously provides powerful suction that instantly removes dirt on the floor or between gaps.

Wide floating nozzle + powerful main brush + high precision washable filter

Slim body 8.2 cm

The built-in visual sensor gives it a slimmer body, so it works freely under the bed, wardrobe and sofa in the shape of “S” for high coverage.

15 kinds of sensor for comprehensive ability

The device is equipped with 15 types of high-precision sensors, which have stronger environmental adaptability, help better prevent falling, infrared sounding, collision avoidance, lightening obstacles, preventing obstacles, etc.

Overcome obstacles higher than 20 mm

Smart Mihome App Management

Virtual wall support

With a virtual wall constraint, you can define an isolated area that the robot cannot enter inside. (virtual wall excluded in standard packaging)

More core features



Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 35 × 9 cm

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