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XIAOMI MIJIA Air Purifier 3 (White) with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


– 400m3 / h CADR particle Super purification power
6660 liters of clean air per minute
– OLED touch screen
Fresh air at your fingertips
– High precision laser particle sensor
A slight pollution is also sensitive
– APP + AI intelligent voice control
Remote control, you can have a good air when you go home
– Effective removal of PM2.5, formaldehyde filter
3-layer purification, layer-by-layer efficiency
– A4 paper imprint
Small and calm, do not bother
– Classic upgrade, start a new classic
Redesigned the entire air duct system to increase the air purifier particle CADR by 29% to 400m3 / h
– Rear tilt centrifugal fan + custom brushless motor
Strong combination, high air volume output
-Installed air duct
Polished interior wall, lower wind resistance
-Big surface
Fast and uniform delivery of airflow

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Particle CADR 400 m / h

6660 liters of clean air per minute

OLED touch screen

High precision laser particle sensor / APP remote control

Effective removal of formaldehyde filter PM2.5 / A4 paper surface

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_02

对比 _01

The engineer redesigned the entire air duct system to increase the air purifier particle CADR from 29% to 400 m3 / h

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_04

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_05米 家 空气 净化 器 3_06

New Powerful Wind System

6660L fresh air delivered per minute

Rear Tilt Centrifugal Fan + Brushless Motor / Pressurized Inner Channel / Large Area Style Grille

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_08米 家 空气 净化 器 3_09

OLED Touch Screen

The touch can be operated, the air quality is clear at a glance,

And the night operation is still clear.

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_11米 家 空气 净化 器 3_12

High Speed ​​Laser Particle Sensor

Small particles can be detected and real-time feedback of indoor air quality.

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_14

360 ° Filter

Effectively removes harmful substances such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde, the first-layer filter removes large particles such as

Like hair and dust, the second layer filter removes small micron sized particles and the third layer of activated carbon

Absorbs harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_16


Stay informed about the air quality in your home on your mobile phone, you can also remotely control, time switch

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_18

Small Size Design

Does not take up much space, can be easily placed next to the sofa or under the window sill.

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_20

Low noise and energy saving

Low noise level up to 32dB, high efficiency brushless motor, maximum power only 38W, energy saving.

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_22

Easy to change the filter

对比 _02对比 _03

米 家 空气 净化 器 3_23



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Weight 2.00000000 kg
Dimensions 55.00000000 × 54.00000000 × 53.00000000 cm


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