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XIAOMI MIJIA Car Air Purifier Filter (Anti Formaldehyde Carbon Filter)


  • PET Primary filter net, grease resistant, alkali-resisting, durable and suits for long time use
  • 360 degree bucket shape design, intercept the bigger floating particles effectively, like dusts, hairs and fine crumbs ● H11 deep filtration can absorb the fine particles ( PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen… )
  • Active charcoal to remove formaldehyde and odor

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Model: CJ01-CYW  (Active Charcoal Edition) Filter Element for Xiaomi MiJia Car Air Purifier:

1. Filter element: use good filter material, from the initial interception of hair, fines to filter PM2.5, pollen, etc., to achieve double purification. The integrated barrel filter design is designed to increase the contact area of the filter element and contaminated air.
2. Double efficient purification of PM2.5, effectively improve the purification capacity / 2PET filter: ring interception of large particles.
a. PET (saturated polyester) material filter, can be used for a long time. Isomorphic structure: intercepting and filtering suspended solids such as dust, hair and fines.
b. filter, adsorption of large particles of suspended matter.
3.H11 filter: filter inhalable particles, use advanced filter material, absorb PM2.5, PM3.O and pollen and other inhalable particles harmful to the human body. The filter mesh is made of folding mountain details, and the pressure is reduced to reduce wind resistance. Let the air flow quickly. Expanded area of about 0.5m2, discounted up to 70% off.

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