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DR.BEI Smart Portable Water [ Flosser F3 ] with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


1. The traditional impact of the tooth is bulky and takes up a lot of space, so it is not convenient to use and carry. Dr Bay successfully solved a technical problem, making it as small as a mobile phone, easy to take and carry on business trips.

2. High-frequency high-pressure stabilizer pump, water column 1600 times / min. Frequency High-Pressure Jets, diameter up to 0.6 mm, easy to clean the tooth suture, remove stubborn deposits, more convenient than dental floss.

3. The impulse flow of Bubble pressure and the strength of the teeth, gentle, but not stimulating, can massage the gums and periodontal comfortably, enjoy cleanliness in the spa, removes a specific smell, makes the oral cavity more healthy.

4. Dr. Bay skillfully combined the water injection port and the spray head storage box to avoid the risk of contamination of the spray head and inject it at the same time, which is convenient for daily application and cleaning.

5. Switch three modes with one button to enjoy multiple brushing teeth. You can choose cleaning, soft, massage three modes according to your desire.

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