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Xiaomi mijia robot vacuum sweeping lds


Function: Floor Cleaning
Calculates the best cleaning path with 12 sensors, including LDS, ultrasonic radar sensor, breakaway sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer
Internal Designed Laser Distance Sensor (LDS), 360 ° scan, 1800 times / sec; Similar to laser guiding systems for self-driving cars
Powerful but ultra-quiet Nidec brushless DC motor (up to 1800 PA air pressure)
The main brush automatically adjusts its height to create a tight seal with the floor for a thorough collection of dirt on uneven surfaces
3 dedicated processors for real-time display and positioning
Simultaneous Localization and Matching (SLAM) algorithm for calculating optimized cleaning paths
5200 mAh battery for cleaning up to 2.5 hours
Smartphone management, real-time monitoring and setting up cleaning schedules through the Mi Home app


Xiaomi Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping and cleaning function | Automatic area cleaning | Powerful cleaning characteristics | Enhanced Sensors
5200 mAh battery | Barrier height 2 cm | 2.5 hours                        The maximum housing area is about 250 square meters.




With the new plant bionics system, it can control the water by itself.
When it works, the water fails, if it stops working, the mop will not overload

Factory bionics water tank with drawer disassembly design, you can directly insert the tank

At the bottom of the machine. It is very comfortable.




A vegetable bionic filter for the water tank is used to connect the water tank and the mop.
The filter can automatically absorb water and maintain sufficient water content.

Mop and water tank connection designed as slot + paste type

The mop cloth is closely connected to the water tank; it is not crimped during doping
The swab cloth is as wide as the main brush. Expand first, then mop, thoroughly clean the floor
20           23
Equipped with high precision LDS sensor. The LDS sensor scans the room at 5×360 ° per second. Create
Real-time room map with sludge algorithm, planning edge cleaning and Z-type cleaning path



You just need to drag the scan box onto the phone card (via the Mijia app) to set the cleaning area

Touch the phone card to execute the command, and the robot cleaner will travel on the target.

And this will automatically avoid obstacles. You just need to set any target point,
The robot can automatically load the map during jouri.



Comes with closed silent cotton and porous air sieve, more precisely when it works


With an omnidirectional pressure sensor, the robot will automatically
Avoid obstacles after an accident to protect the laser sensor.
With 4 break sensors to avoid falling, and with a wall sensor so that the robot cleaner always
If the robot leaves Earth, it will automatically shut off.
Using the new infrared charging technology, which makes charging more efficient.
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