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Xiaomi Rice Cooker 4L Apps Control


  • Compact design great for home use.
  • Automatic heating system to save practical.
  • Non-stick design makes it easy to clean.
  • Managing the application is convenient to use.
  • An internal pot with a capacity of 4 liters can meet the needs of daily nutrition.
  • With the cover open button, you can easily open the cover.
  • LED screen and button design are convenient to operate.

Sold out!

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02_ 副本

Rice cooker with 3 bottles, the left bottom button of the spare time, you can set the time in advance, when the rice cooker reaches the set time, the rice cooker starts to work. Middle Botton is the boot boot, you turn it on, the rice cooker will work, the right boot can choose a different model and cancel the cooking model.

New concave concave surface hot plate structure, even heat flow and fuller rice grains

The improved new concave concave curved surface hot plate and the newly designed bottom convex liner have a larger contact area and a closer fit. During heating, the heat flow generated at the bottom of the liner can spread along the bottom arc surface and the central protrusion, forming a uniform convection effect, allowing the rice grains to absorb water more fully, and further improving the degree of cooked rice.

890W stereo heating to meet more cooking needs

The Mijia rice cooker has a high-power heating capacity of 890W, and is equipped with a top cover heating module to achieve a three-dimensional cooking effect. At the same time, the fire power can be dynamically adjusted according to the cooking mode, whether it is high-fire fast cooking or slow-fire slow stew, it is easy to use.

Pressurize, rice Q to spring teeth

Continuing the insistence on quality, the 2.0mm thick pot is heated more evenly and feels more solid. The moment you open the lid, it reminds you of the smell of firewood rice on the soil stove when you were a kid.

04_ 副本

05_ 副本

Daikin PFA powder coating, easy to clean and more durable

5 layers of thick inner liner, which follow the Daikin PFA powder coating. The surface is smooth and durable, easy to clean.

Double temperature sensor, automatic temperature adjustment without overflowing the pot

The upper and lower dual temperature probes detect in real time, automatically adjust the firepower and temperature to avoid overflowing the pot.

Intelligent heating curve, the taste of rice is up to you

Built-in intelligent heating curve, full dynamic firepower automatic adjustment, specially optimized for different rice varieties and different taste requirements. What kind of taste rice you want, the operation on the APP is enough.

Scan the code to recognize rice, more than 3000 special heating solutions

Each kind of rice has its own characteristics. The general process can make rice, and the special process can make rice well. After a large number of experiments, we have accumulated more than 3,000 intelligent heating curves. As long as the QR code is scanned through the mobile phone, the corresponding cooking method can be matched, so that each grain of rice is soft and sweet.

24 hours intelligent remote appointment, just to eat a bowl of rice in time

Mijia rice cooker has two appointment methods: control panel appointment and APP remote appointment. Connected to Wi-Fi, you can remotely control the Mijia rice cooker through the MijiaAPP. At the same time, you can also understand the heating situation in the pot in real time, and receive a reminder when the cooking is over. With the 24-hour heat preservation function, you can have a bite of sweet and glutinous rice whenever you go home.

Wi-Fi access to Mijia APP, massive recipes, become a gourmet expert with one click

Mijia rice cooker has four built-in common modes, and you can also get massive recipes through APP. All kinds of recipes are distributed and guided in order, and the cooking process is automatically reminded, even if you have

not cooked any, you can easily grasp it.



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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 28 cm


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