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Xiaomi Smart Electric Microwave Oven 20L



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Product Info

Microwave Oven MIJIA

* Fast heating of the microcrystalline plate, flat panel heating technology with classification,
* Smart control via the MIhome app, remote control via a Wi-Fi microwave.
* No rotation required, efficient and uniform heating of food
* The microwave is reflected in all directions and the food heats evenly.
* Capacity is 20 l. 700W large firepower, Toshiba Magnetic Magnetron.
* Effectively prevents leakage in the microwave, one key lock baby more worry.

The microcrystalline plate can be quickly heated20L Capacity / Toshiba Magnetic Magnetron / Fast heating / warming up / Remote smart control / handle with one quick heating button.

Smart microwave

Fast heating of the microcrystalline plate, classification of technology for heating food flat panels, specially developed Thawing technology and high-power heating of 700 watts. Power tookfun.20L, can accommodate various types of dishes.

Built-in WIFI module

After successfully connecting the MIJIA application, you can remotely control the microwave oven through smart devices such as mobile phones. It is convenient to check the remaining heating time, remotely open the child’s lock, etc.

Using flat board heating technology

No rotation, efficient and uniform heating of food microcrystalline plates is required. No need to spin. The surface is evenly distributed with microwaves, and the food heats up in all directions. TOOKFUN

Big firepower 700 W

Toshiba magnetic magnetic magnetron, quick start, uniform firepower. Equipped with a microwave amplifier to increase the efficiency of heating food.


Intracavity Microwave

The microwave is reflected in all directions and the food heats evenly. A microwave emission magnetron is introduced under the microcrystalline plate through a catheter, and the microwave oven is evenly scattered into the cavity through the stirrer. The microwave oven directly reaches the inner liquid tissue of the food and heats evenly in many directions.

Electronic pen control

Minimalist design of buttons and knobs. Multifunctional electronic pen. Adjustment mode, fire level, heating time, etc. can be controlled by the handle. Heating is one of the most commonly used features in the microwave. MIJIA microwave ovens have a 60-year fast heating mode. There are four modes of defrosting, recipe, sterilization and optional. Fast heating mode. 3 thaw modes. 11 recipes. 2 sterilization modes. 9 additional modes.

Food Defrost Classification

Different products have different agile curvesOptimize the microwave defrost plan to improve the problem that some ingredients heat up during the defrost process. The MIJI microwave oven improves the thaw algorithm and can intelligently adjust the firepower for different types of meat. Store foods delicious.01 frozen meat thawed weight 100-2000g02 poultry thaw weight 200-3000g03 seafood defrosting weight 100-900 g

Over 30 popular recipes

Not only can it quickly heat food, but also cook good food comes with 11 selected recipes to meet daily cooking needs. Connect to the smart app to select more recipes and support one-click cooking. Microwave heating provides an efficient cooking experience. 11 is built in curated recipes. Over 20 diet extension recipes. TOOKFUN

Specially designed baby food mode

Make milk, fruit puree, vegetable puree, etc. With one click, the heating temperature is set for the child, and the food will not be destroyed during the heating process. Built-in 4 modes of baby food.

7-layer protection

Effectively prevents leakage in the microwave, one key lock baby more worried, freeFour layers of the microwave barrier layer, triple lock protection switch. New design, efficient microwave shielding. Four layers of the microwave barrier. Triple protection switch.

Smart application management

Open the application, and the functional menu will be clean at a glance. Support remote control. One key lock baby. Easily browse recipes. You can also set preferences, such as firepower and features. Suitable usage habits.

20 l capacity

Meet family needs for daily food heating

The snap-on door locks, to avoid shaking / opening the door at a large angle, make it easy to deliver food in and out. The light bulb / condition inside the cavity is visible.

Microwave Oven MIJIA

High-quality smart microwave Oven20L capacit / Microcrystalline heating stove / fast heating mode / classification Thawing foodn / 700 W firepower / Intelligent control.



Additional Information

Weight 12.10000000 kg
Dimensions 50.00000000 × 40.00000000 × 20.00000000 cm

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