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YIXIU AIR Smart Eye Mask Easy to Sleep with 1 Year Malaysia Warranty


  • Track and monitor brainwaves in real time
  • Turn the bio-data into soothing music that lulls you to sleep faster
  • Automatically controlled volume by real-time EEG feedback when you are drowsy
  • Wake you up at the optimal time feeling refreshed and rested
  • The app offers daily, weekly and monthly reports to show your sleep cycles and other data to understand your sleep better

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1. Collect brain waves through YIXIU, generate exclusive brainwave music, relax your brains and gradually enter a state of sleep.
2. As the depth of sleep deepens, automatically lower the volume to protect your ears.
3. Support for Bluetooth connectivity
4. Brainwave automatically connects the application to wake up music, wisely choose the right moment to wake up. Let you enter a mild state of sleep by naturally waking up
5.99% shading, refreshing and breathable



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