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The Largest Smart IoT Retail Store in Malaysia.

Aihome Malaysia


Aihome is a retailer of innovative personal and home technology products. Founded in 2018, Aihome offers a range of the latest smart home appliances and automation products for home owners who are looking for the latest innovation in smart home products to upgrade their homes.
With a retail space dedicated to provide an optimal smart home experience, Aihome aims to deliver the latest and the most popular smart home appliances, devices and gadgets available in the market for the convenience of our customers, all under one roof.
As technology continues to evolve and deliver the latest innovations to make our daily lives more convenient and more connected, we see the need for a concentrated and consolidated approach to offer these innovative products to a wider market. At Aihome, we want our customers to experience the home of the future, a home everyone can aspire to have, in the convenience of a retail space designed to provide an enriching learning experience.
Aihome malaysia - A Smarter Way Of Living
VR02-01-02, First Floor, Lingkaran SV3, Sunway Velocity, 55100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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